Get Your Elbows Off The Table!

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
      How does art influence real life? Here is a great example:

      Has your mother ever told you to “Get your elbows off the table!”
If you’re like me, you probably learned to obey quickly or suffer the consequences!… but I always wondered, what is the big deal about elbows on the table? Who said that it was ill-mannered in the first place?
      Would you like to know who started it?
     … Leonardo Da Vinci.
      That’s right… the Mona Lisa dude started it. He didn’t mean to… but it is still his fault. Yes, he painted the Mona Lisa, sculpted David and envisioned things that were hundreds of years ahead of their time.
      He also painted among his many masterpieces a painting called The Last Supper which depicted Jesus and his disciples having one last meal together before Jesus faced his arrest and crucifixion. Well, in this painting, there is one disciple that has his elbow on the table. Can you guess which one? That’s right. Judas.
      So… based only on the artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci, a tradition was formed that has been passed down through the generations that if you have your elbow on the table, you are identifying with Judas. So, we get to hear things like, “Get your elbows off that table before I knock you into next week!”
      We know we are not supposed to do it, but many of us have had no idea why or where it came from. Well… now you know, but you may be asking, “What does this have to do with me or the price of tea in china?” Glad you asked:
      The things that we do in life… our work ethic, the words we say to our children, etc… I think we can all agree that it affects our family for generations. If we are a churched family verses an un-churched family, we will see different attitudes and behaviors because of the way we were brought up. The atmosphere of our development, good or bad, affects us. Subsequently, the atmosphere that we embrace or reflect will affect all around us.
      What about the art you enjoy? How are you affected by that? Maybe you think it doesn’t affect you at all, but I know that the popular music of every generation begins to shift and alter that generation’s thoughts and beliefs. Look at the music of the late sixties, The Beatles, Elvis… their songs shifted their generation. There is power in music.
      So how about music that praises God? It shifts the atmosphere to one that God can inhabit… and that His enemies must flee! It gives you the right mindset for worship and puts you in a great place to hear from God.
      Does art influence reality? Without question! So allow yourself to be influenced by art that God can inhabit!
      And while you’re at it… get your elbows off that table!… and lift your hands in worship to our God!


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